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About us

Who are we?

Language School Portal is Asia's largest Portal for schools and teaching centers providing foreign languages courses. We provide internet users all the information they need for every establishment: introduction to each school, courses and special offers, latest promotions, customer reviews, location, contact details, photos, videos and more. Our community creates transparency into the education environment by providing comprehensive information that guides future students through their choices. Furthermore, we offer the ability for every school to manage their profiles independently of us.


Our portal was established in 2012 with inputs from several language schools and customers with a view to make searching easier. At, we are aware of the importance of finding accurate details about all unique services each school provides. From group sessions to specific individual courses, we do our best to make useful information available to you: our dedicated team is working round the clock to help you find the best Asian school.

Our Purpose

Language School Portal has been designed for 2 major reasons. By providing the most updated and relevant information about every school in Asia, Language School Portal helps customers to select the right course in the right school at the right time. On the other hand, Language School Portal makes language institutes grow faster by highlighting their unique qualities and promoting their outlets through beneficial advertising campaigns. At Language School Portal we indeed consider that the better the courses and promotions are, the more they deserve to be shown to our large audience.

Our Philosophy

We are very often in touch with schools, whatever their size. We also try to constantly build deep links with schools that are not registered yet. Keeping each other informed about our latest improvements is something crucial for both sides. Our regular and professional relationships with Asian language schools enable us to transform the website into a platform that will become the online reference for language schools in Asia. Therefore, we truly have the feeling to support the education sector.

To become one of the featured schools or teaching centers, please do not hesitate to contact us.