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Burmese Language Structure

Burmese Language Structure

For Burmese is there just 1 main accent or are there many Burmese accents ? Is there a school or instructor with good reputation to teach this ?

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No! Idea..
09/02/2015 06:34:00
Jennifer (0 Post)  

Check out this link.
10/02/2015 06:26:35
Pamela (0 Post)  

Thanks for sharing this link..
05/03/2015 10:32:05
Negi (0 Post)  

There are a number of ways we describe languages.  The first one classifies them according to their basic grammatical structures:

  • Isolating languages (aka analytic) -- ones that use invariable words, but have strict rules of word order to keep the grammatical meanings of things clear.
    • Included are Chinese, Indonesian, Pidgins and Creoles.
    • English is inflexional (see below), but has been moving towards being isolating.
    • Isolating languages are easy for adults to learn, but not as easy for children.
  • Agglutinating languages (aka synthetic)-- ones that add very regular prefixes and suffixes to main words in order to express nuances
    • Included are Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, Tamil, etc.
    • These languages are very explicit and logical, and easy for children to learn.
  • Inflexional languages (aka fusional) -- languages that use prefixes and suffixes, but also vary words to express nuances of meaning
    • Included are Indo-European and Afro-Asiatic languages.
    • Declensions -- variations on nouns (e.g. man, men, man’s, men’s).
    • Conjugations -- variations on verbs (e.g. sing, sang, sung).
    • Inflexional languages can be difficult to learn, because they usually involve many irregularities.
  • Amalgamating languages (aka polysynthetic) -- a much smaller group of languages that tend towards complex words that carry a sentence-worth of information.
    • Included are Basque, many Amerindian languages, and Klingon.
    • These languages are usually very difficult to learn, unless you are brought up with them.  The Basques joke that they are immune to the Devil because he couldn't learn their language

10/03/2015 09:27:26
Lopez (0 Post)  

Very well written.
20/03/2015 08:41:00
Ammaya (0 Post)  

Great!! Explained well.
24/03/2015 09:33:06
Akram (0 Post)  

Good.NIce information.
25/03/2015 10:49:41
Trisha (0 Post)  

Link explained well.
26/03/2015 09:02:26
samuel (0 Post)  

Afformative information.
01/04/2015 12:33:15
Ayushi (0 Post)  

Globibo Language School offers several courses, and you can always find out a private tutor at

04/04/2015 10:34:04
Dweep (2 Post)  

Thankx for the info..
06/04/2015 09:01:46
Prad (0 Post)  

Burmese has a simple syllable structure consisting of an initial consonant followed by a vowel with an associated tone. There are no final consonants.
07/04/2015 07:54:21
Roy (0 Post)  

That was informative-Thanks for sharing.
08/04/2015 07:26:17
Dweep (2 Post)  

Burmese, myanma bhasa, belongs to the Lolo-Burmese sub-branch of the Tibeto-Burmese branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken by the majority of the population in Myanmar (formerly Burma). It is also spoken in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, and the U.S. The total Burmese-speaking population of the world is estimated at slightly above 32 million people (Ethnologue).
12/05/2015 09:59:18
supriya (0 Post)  

Thanks for the nice explaination. 
19/05/2015 08:09:57
payal (0 Post)  

Check out this link.

27/05/2015 06:48:52
kangana (0 Post)  

Thanks for teh link.
01/06/2015 07:12:00
pragiti (0 Post)  

Check out this link.

10/07/2015 12:49:01
Ravina (0 Post)  

Useful link, thaks for sharing.
13/07/2015 11:46:54
palak (0 Post)  

Is there is any app for samsung mobile for learning Burmese language?
06/08/2015 07:22:05
zaren (0 Post)

02/12/2015 06:05:04
twinkle (0 Post)  

Thank you for the link. 
09/12/2015 05:30:50
zipo (0 Post)  

Thank you for sharing for information.
10/12/2015 06:15:17
bella (0 Post)  

nice information. 
14/12/2015 06:25:26
Katty (0 Post)  

Usefull information. 
22/12/2015 06:11:57
Naina (0 Post)  

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